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What's Discord?

Discord is a social network platform where digital spaces (servers) are organized into topic-based #channels. Users can collaborate, share, and chat via text and video conferencing. Must be 13 years or older to sign up.

What's Discord?

Discord is a social network platform where digital spaces (servers) are organized into topic-based #channels. Users can collaborate, share, and chat via text and video conferencing. Must be 13 years or older to sign up.

What people say

"The server has helped me finally have some heart to heart connections with people of my own faith, I didnt identify myself with people at church but here I do. I have found my people, and I also have found a place where I can go to when I dont go to church. This is my second church."

- D

"I joined the server over a year ago out of curiosity as a youth leader and I must say the server is a beautiful alternative than letting your children play with random strangers. The players are nice and inclusive and the server lets people explore our beliefs. If you have children who play video games like Minecraft the server admins have done a great job building a great community."

- P

"Your Bible Minecraft videos on YouTube have helped me and my Autistic son to connect to Bible stories in a way we never have before."

- Dad of autistic son age 7

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To get on our Minecraft (MC) server, join our Discord server, agree to our rules, get the Minecrafter role, then visit the server info channel.

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If you don't want to use Discord you can download our entire server or individual builds from Planet Minecraft and explore them locally on your own computer. Follow the video instruction below if you need help.

NOTE FOR PARENTS: Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times while using the OAG Discord or Minecraft servers. OAG assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of your child.While OAG does its best to moderate its Discord server, you acknowledge that your child may nonetheless be exposed to foul language, nudity, violence, or other undesirable speech or images, as well as interactions with potential predators. You are responsible for instructing your child how to interact with others in a safe way, such as never disclosing his or her age, real name, or location. You agree to release OAG and hold it harmless for any harm that comes to you or your child as a result of using the OAG Discord or Minecraft servers.

The 2nd annual Content Creators Summit 2023

Accelerate your digital ministry

Digital Missionaries, Pastors, Entreprenuers:

Do you want to catapult your creativity and make a positive impact in the digital age?

Would you like to create content...

• That stands out online
• Is easy to produce
• Shows your unique voice


Strategies • Tools • Inspiration

to expand your reach

Join us in-person or online.
In-person ticket includes seminars, panels, activities, giveaways & meals.


"We have to stop dreaming and do this more and more.
This needs to be a reality in our churches...1 to 10? This is a 20!"
- Attendee from previous summit


Justin Khoe

Justin Khoe
Keynote Speaker

Justin is well known for leading the conversation on digital ministry, having taught internationally over the years, touching on one central theme that spans the growth and evolution of social media - how to ignite the church for online evangelism, one device at a time.Follow Justin: @jkhoe

Lainey Liz

Lainey Liz

Lainey is the founder of Simply Bakings, an online food blog and cooking show. She shares her passion of cooking and baking all over the world through her YouTube channel. Lainey enjoys seeking God in a myriad of creative ways including Simply Bakings and her SEO work.Follow Lainey: @simplybakings

Lindsey Johnson photo

Lindsey Johnson

Lindsey began exploring the Arizona desert with her adorable black cat, Aries, when she moved to Phoenix for graduate studies in music. Lindsey and Aries seek to use their influence to motivate and inspire an active lifestyle exploring the great outdoors.Follow Lindsey: @thehikelifecat

Cole Comity photo

Cole Comitz

Cole developed an interest in making 6 second comedy videos as a hobby. He is now dedicated to revealing biblical truths, creating funny skits & giving guidance to those who are seeking it, in hopes that it will bring them closer to Jesus.Follow Cole: @colecomitz

OAG Speakers

Jai Inostroza photo

Jai Inostroza

Jai has spent the last six years creating Eden’s Conflict, a game and organization that authentically depicts the struggle between good and evil based on his biblical knowledge and religious conviction. Jai is also one of the founding members of One Accord the Guild.

Jay Razzouk photo

Jay Razzouk

Lawyer by day, and content creator by night, Jay helps influencers, coaches and other entrepreneurs level up legally as they expand their online businesses. He frequently speaks on podcasts and live streams about legal issues facing content creators.

Andrew Carroll photo

Andrew Carroll

For over a decade, Andrew has been a graphic artist working in print, illustration and web design, primarily serving nonprofits and small businesses. He’s co-host of the Adventist City Ministries podcast and is an Admin on the OAG Discord server and Summit Art Director.

Mike Soto photo

Michael Soto

As a pastor and YouTube gamer, Mike works to close the gap between people and faith. For five years Mike was a Super Smash Bros. tournament competitor, is a founding member of the One Accord: The Guild, and oversees the Content Creators Summit. He has a Master’s degree in Theology from La Sierra University, and resides in Casa Grande, AZ.


Moxy hotel, Tempe AZ


FridayRegistration 2pm
-4pm - 10pm
Saturday7am - 10pm
Sunday*7am - 11am
-Checkout 11am

*No livestream Sunday



For group pricing, contact us at [email protected]

Special thanks to OAG founders:

Marae Pic

Marae Hoover
OAG Director

Roque Pic

Roque Rojas
Minecraft Master

Roque Pic

Eli Irizarry
OAG Moderator

Sponsored by Tempe Seventh-day Adventists
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The 2nd annual Content Creators Summit 2023

Welcome to the second annual Content Creators Summit! Thank you for attending this year’s event.

Registration will begin at 2PM on Friday, April 14 at the Moxy Hotel. The event begins at 4PM.TICKET: Includes all access to seminars, panel/breakout discussions, workshop, exhibits, activity areas, a t-shirt, giveaways and meals.PARKING: Is available at the Moxy Hotel, please check in at the Hotel front desk and let them know you are here for the Content Creator Summit and need a day parking pass so you don't get towed. If filled please park on Spencer Avenue.HOTEL: After parking, pass the reception, pass the seating area, turn left down the hall to see the welcome sign for the Summit. Please check in at the table to obtain your welcome pack.If you have not paid for your ticket, please be prepared to finalize payment at registration. Prepare to show your receipt at check in if you paid through Pastor Mike Soto.Email questions to [email protected], we will do our best to be attentive.


Justin Khoe
Lainey Liz
Lindsey Johnson photo
Cole Comity photo
Justin Khoe
Lainey Liz
Lindsey Johnson photo
Cole Comity photo

Justin Khoe • Lainey Liz
Lindsey Johnson • Cole Comitz

Jai Inostroza • Jay Razzouk
Andrew Carroll • Mike Soto



2:00pmCheck-in opens @ Moxy
-Meet & Greet
4:00pmEvent Room Opens
4:30pm7 Sins of Design - Andrew Carroll
5:10pm3 Legal Mistakes Content Creators Make - Jay Razzouk
7:10pmWelcome - Mike & Andrew
-What does it mean to be a content creator? - Lindsey
9:30pmPrayer Time w/ Jai


7:00amPrayer Time w/ Jai
9:00amInterview Cole w/Mike
10:00amTestimony - Lainey
11:10amPresentation - Justin
1:15pmWorkshop Q&A - Justin
2:00pmWorkshop Q&A - Lindsey
2:40pmStarting Your Journey - Lainey
3:30pmPresentation - Justin
4:30pmAI & Content Creation - Jai
5:25pmPanel - All Speakers
6:20pmVan to Tempe Church
6:30pmDinner & Hangout @ Tempe SDA Church
7:00pmSmash Bros. Open Play
-Table Games
10:30pmEnd of day


7:00amPoolside Prayer w/ Jai
8:00amBreakfast & Hike at Papago Park